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"We are real estate contrarians.
We believe the greatest returns are generated when an overlooked or out-of-favor property is renovated and repositioned in the competitive set."


Corvest Realty Group, Inc. has helped clients and investors profit from the company´s unique view of the real estate marketplace. As real estate contrarians, we seek properties that have suffered from a lack of capital or management expertise, or properties that are simply out of vogue and outside the radar of mainstream real estate investors.

After acquisition, Corvest Realty Group, Inc. applies a disciplined and patient approach to renovating, repositioning, and remarketing its properties to maximize cash flow and escalate underlying property values. We also bring an extensive knowledge of the capital and financial markets to its portfolio management philosophy, using leverage where appropriate to maximize returns and unlock cash from capital appreciation. This cash can then be reinvested in other potentially lucrative properties, driving exponential returns for customers, investors, and business partners.


Corvest Realty Group, Inc. is a full-service real estate investment company, providing services across the entire real estate investment life cycle, including property management, asset management, portfolio management, and investment management.

Our investment philosophy is not sector specific. Depending on market conditions, Corvest Realty Group, Inc and its affiliates have been active in transactions ranging from raw land to multifamily apartment buildings; from suburban retail to center city office space; and from industrial facilities to luxury condominiums. The one constant among all of the company´s real estate activities: the ability to generate outsized profits.


Corvest Realty Inc.
Corvest Realty Inc. provides acquisition and disposition services to property owners, including some of the country´s largest publicly traded companies, real estate investment trusts, and private equity funds. As an example of Corvest Realty Inc.´s activities, in 2004 the company completed over $400 million in transactions representing over 4.3 million square feet of commercial, office, and retail space with tenants such as K-Mart, Baker Hughes, and Federal-Mogul. With an extensive network of investors, lenders, and property owners, Corvest Realty Inc. can expedite the sales process for clients, while quickly targeting available properties for investors with capital to deploy.
Located at 718 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Corvest Real Estate Opportunity Fund I
Corvest Real Estate Opportunity Fund I is a multimillion-dollar private equity fund that targets overlooked, out-of-favor properties that can be repositioned in their competitive set through additional capital investment, professional management, or both. Since its founding in 2002, the fund has invested in five properties, which should offer investors an exceptional return on their invested capital.

Corvest Realty Management, Inc.
Corvest Realty Management Inc. brings an owner´s approach to property management. Applying the organization´s expertise in repositioning underperforming properties, the company´s active approach to tenant relations and disciplined approach to capital spending has resulted in the turnaround of a variety of property types, including commercial/office, multifamily residential, and retail.